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of employees don't report problems they witness at work intentionally
Polls conducted in Europe and US found out that
What are the reasons?
  • Employees don't believe in positive change
  • They are afraid to become engaged in conflicts and arguments they won't be able to handle
  • People are embarrassed to make their name as satraps and rats
  • Part of respondents are afraid to be neglected by the management and colleagues
  • Some choose to ignore the inconvenient truth
The truth itself won't make problems disappear
The fact is that the majority of humankind's disasters are not due to lack of information or its confidentiality. The information is there for us, but it's our willful choice to turn a blind eye to it, because we don't want to engage in conflicts arising from this truth.

The truth itself won't make our problems disappear: we have to gain the courage and build the skill to use it to our benefit.
How do conflicts and acknowledged truth really help to increase a company's performance?
As soon as we determine to bring up the flaws and start resolving conflicts, we thus encourage everyone including ourselves to seek the best solution to the problem.

The more of inconvenient truth is brought up, the fuller picture you get and the more appropriate decisions you can make. One of the key skills a future leader must have is the ability to create strong cohesion between all team members and to appreciate those who bring bad news.

Watch the video below, in which British entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan, founder of 5 successful companies and author of 6 business bestlessers, shares her insights into successful performance of teams and companies in challenging times of change and crisis. Her experience in building teams is highly appreciated by international corporations. Margaret has instructed PwC, Allianz Global Investors and Federal Bank on how to reveal weaknesses and solve problems everyone is aware of but no one dares to bring up. The majority of people try to avoid conflicts, but as Маrgaret Heffernan says good disagreement is central to progress.

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